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Coe Equipment in Illinois and Missouri Parts and Service




Our factory-trained and certified technicians have seen it all. No matter what issues you are having, we can help diagnose the problem and work toward a solution, to minimize downtime and maximize your productivity.

When you purchase new equipment from us, our technicians complete a rigorous pre-delivery inspection to ensure your shiny new toy works the way its supposed to and as hard as it can from day one.

Our refurbished equipment is thoroughly inspected and tested, so you can rest assured you are getting the best bang for your buck. Most of the used equipment we see came from us new, so you know that it has been well cared for and maintained since the beginning.


Coe Equipment is proud to partner with these quality manufacturers! We carry a full line of parts and accessories for sewer cleaners,  hydro excavators, sewer TV inspection equipment, gas detectors, root cutters, and chain cutters. We specialize in OEM parts to ensure your equipment operates at peak performance; however, we can also help you find specialty or hard to find parts and accessories as well. Call us at 217-498-7200 or email us to place your order.

StoneAge at Coe Equipment in Illinois and Missouri

By partnering with industrial cleaning contractors, StoneAge engineers are able to gain a unique insight that guides the design of automated systems that increase safety and advance productivity for a wide variety of water blasting applications. With an unmatched dedication to engineering innovation and customer service, StoneAge is proud to lead the way toward a safer, more efficient industry.

Hydra-Flex Fluid Innovation at Coe Equipment in Illinois and Missouri

The Ripsaw Rotating Turbo nozzle is specifically designed and engineered for the rugged Hydro-Excavation industry. It’s cone shaped flow pattern is ideal for potholing applications. Non-conductive urethane coating on the nozzle body protects users and sensitive underground utilities. Greater impingement allows you to complete jobs faster or use a smaller nozzle size while getting the same impact as nozzles with higher GPM flow rates.

Vivax Metrotech at Coe Equipment in Illinois and Missouri

Vivax-Metrotech develops and manufactures products for buried utility locating, fiber-optic cable locating, ferrous metal detection, coating analysis and performing ACVG surveys on cathodic protected pipes, finding sheath to ground faults on cables, inspecting the interior of pipes and ducts, and mapping of buried utilities.

Sonetics at Coe Equipment in Illinois and Missouri

Sonetics wireless headsets reduce unimportant noise and connect you with the people and the important things you need to hear—completely hands-free. Teams are connected and more productive, work is less stressful, safety is improved and the day is much more enjoyable.

Vanguard Systems at Coe Equipment in Illinois and Missouri

The wastewater industry has known for years that wastewater and raw sewage contain an abundance of dangerous bacteria, viruses, and parasites. The Vanguard System provides a spray nozzle attachment that allows the crew to apply the same anti-bacterial, anti-viral solution (Sani-Solution™) to the jet hose, work area, external controls, and commonly touched surfaces on their truck, keeping your crew healthy and safe.


We might be able to help! Give us a call at (217) 498-7200, shoot an email to of fill out the form below.

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