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Coe Equipment sewer cleaning and vacuum excavation manufacturers in Illinois and Missouri



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Coe Equipment TruVac rentals in Illinois and Missouri

Introducing TRUVAC. Brought to you by Vactor® Manufacturing Incorporated, TRUVAC vacuum excavators are purpose-built to meet even the most demanding safe-digging needs. To be more precise. Easier to use. Perform better. And they come with a wide range of sizes and customizable parts and features to make sure you get the job done right.

TRUVAC was founded by Vactor Mfg., Inc., the proven leader in quality vacuum excavation, to elevate their focus on vacuum excavators and safe-digging. Now, all that experience and all that dedication to excellence and innovation is packed into every TRUVAC vacuum excavator. For more than 100 years, Vactor Mfg., Inc. has set the standard for excellence in operator-focused innovation. Vactor Mfg., Inc. has been building equipment that combines high-pressure water and vacuum technology for 50 years; excavators for more than 20.

Coe Equipment Aries rentals in Illinois and Missouri
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Aries Industries is proud to be a leader in the design and manufacturing of Pipeline Video Inspection, Rehabilitation, and Water Well Inspection equipment.  Their commitment is to be a value-added partner to their customers by understanding their needs and providing solutions to help make them successful.  Since their founding, a guiding principle has been to deliver innovative solutions that help customers. Aries Industries’ focus on innovation continues today to include a complete line of pipeline video inspection solutions and, more recently, pipeline rehabilitation solutions.

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